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"It reflects our strengths and pioneering spirit. Now it is time to harness the remarkable skills, experience and potential that we have across our organisation. As part of Etex, we have a huge opportunity and these are exciting times for us.”

Bernard Lekien, CEO


Today we are one of the leading suppliers of gypsum-related building solutions and systems in Europe. We have top-ranking positions across most of our product ranges and markets.

Headquartered in Avignon, France, with 4,200 people in 13 countries, we are a fully integrated building supplies business. We quarry gypsum and provide high quality ready-to-use solutions. We have a strong industrial network in Europe and Latin America to serve our customers with best-in-class quality of service.

As part of Etex, we have a huge opportunity to further strengthen our position: Etex is a strong industrial group which operates in 45 countries and specialises in leading edge building materials, solutions and practices. It has revenues in excess of 3,2 billion Euros.


Our commitments to people, places and the planet.

We want to ensure our activities have no short- or long-term negative impact on people, places or the planet. We have a zero accident policy and clear targets and procedures for all health and safety related matters.



We aim to pioneer in affordable and sustainable solutions which transform the way buildings are built

Our new name is short and bold. Over time we would like it to become an expression of our ambition – unlocking potential.

Our new logo was inspired by the shape and dynamics of gypsum crystals which are very luminous, strong and clear.

The logo symbolises the start of a new beginning with a bold crystal ‘burst’. It represents the level of energy within the business and its ambitions to transform radically the way people build and live.

The abstract new name and bold new identity require a strapline that roots the business in the industry. The strapline ‘Shaping the way people build’ captures our aim to inspire the way people build and live.

Insight into people, spaces and markets informs our actions. We aim to understand better what goes on in communities, cities and spaces. We use this insight to identify and pioneer affordable solutions to revolutionise the way buildings are built and people’s lives are enriched.

We never accept the status quo and always look to stretch recognised boundaries. We are determined to do better always and achieve ever greater results – outperforming the competition ahead of time. This sets us apart from anyone else in our market.



Our DNA - We want to revolutionise the way people build and live

Collectively, we have a unique combination of ability, ambition and capacity.

Our Technical Development Centre houses specialist installations and cutting-edge equipments designed to measure and push the performance of our products and to craft future possibilities.

We set standards time and again – from enhancing product performance, through to better systems, technologies and partnerships.

We have a track record of striking innovations including:
  • Pre-coated plasterboard systems such as Megadeco and Deco. Our tapered edge solutions such as Synia 
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation systems such as Pregymax. 
  • High performance solutions with 6–8% wood particle content such as LaDura/LaPlura


We understand and are interested in people, environment, spaces and communities. We understand the way people use spaces and want to live.

We always use insight to identify and pioneer affordable and sustainable solutions that truly revolutionise the way buildings are built and people’s lives are enriched.



Walls and ceilings located in high humidity level areas need and require a board that is easy to handle and quick to install.

Our response

Development of a range of groundbreaking water-resistant plasterboard systems for indoor and outdoor applications, which are fully mould, fungus and water resistant: WAB, Aquaboard and LaHydro.


We are visionary, but are grounded with insight and delivery intent. We always think, act and aim to be pioneers.


We experiment and accept that we don’t always have the right solutions, yet constantly go to the market with new ideas based on in-depth understanding and leading edge insights into people, markets, communities and spaces.

Vital Partners 

To achieve this we set ourselves first class service standards and intend to always deliver against our promises. It means we also have a long-term perspective and aim to be more vital to each other and more of an integral part of our partners’ thinking and our customers’ businesses – enabling us to create more value and have more impact than anyone else.


Our ‘Conseil Pro’ is a technical back office composed of highly skilled members. They provide a unique service and it is often used even by the people who are not our direct customers but seek high-quality advice from experts. Six people handled 42,700 calls in 2012. (France)

We outperform competition in terms of logistics and our ‘order today, deliver tomorrow’ principle which results in lower levels of stock and hugely improved cash flow. (Netherlands)

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